About Me

Balance for Unity is a business dedicated to providing the best quality of service while also fostering friendships within the massage community. It is also to help serve to educate about massage and the benefits that everyone can receive.

My name is Lacey Spaulding, and I have been a licensed massage therapist since 5/25/2016. I attended Idaho State University's Massage Therapy Program where I was required to learn various techniques and safety procedures in order to be a fantastic therapist. I completed an internship at Lost River's Hospital where I worked with both physical therapy and chiropractic patients as well as hospital staff in order to gain more experience in researching conditions that way I can better serve my clients. I worked on post surgical conditions such as residual pain from back surgery, spinal cord injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, piriformis syndrome, herniated disks, and more! 

Education: I have a Technical Certificate in Massage Therapy from Idaho State's College of Technology, which is 705 education hours. I will be receiving my AAS in Massage Therapy soon, which is 1168.5 education hours.

Training: I have been trained in Swedish Massage. I can perform relaxation, deeper pressure techniques, trigger point therapy, aromatherapy, certain spa treatments, use of myofascial release within treatments, basic lymphatic massage for those who need to reduce swelling or need an immune boost, prenatal, basic infant massage, reflexology, and more!
Location: Arco, Idaho - Mobile Business, located here on weekends
Pocatello, Idaho - Mobile Business, located here during the week and some weekends